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New Earth Angel Reiki


Every experience in life is stored within our central nervous system. The body remembers everything and does not lie. From the moment of conception all of our memories becomes stored within our cellular memory. Reiki has the power to transform energy on a cellular level, clearing away old patterns through truth and light. Angels are beings of light that exist entirely in the light of the Divine. By channeling these beautiful beings we are able to break any pattern in all directions of space and time. This includes working through past life blockages, inner child work, clearing attachments and healing trauma. New Earth Angel Reiki is safe and gentle, as we are only shown what the body is ready to let go of. The reason why New Earth Angel Reiki is so powerful is because the Angels are the essences of love and love transforms ALL pain. 

 We all have the power and ability to heal ourselves. I act as a mediator between you and your Angels/ Spirit. Some times we receive messages from the angels or loved ones.  With the help of the Angels, we release the old belief system and replace it with a new vibration of truth. This truth expands throughout every cell of the body. 

Many patients feel it is a truly transformational experience. 

Kelly is Trained in Level 3 New Earth Angel reiki.

Bookings Can be made online and combined with Acupuncture Treatments to make for a truly healing experience.

"Kelly holds the innate talent of healing & wisdom; her intuition is an incredible gift that allows her to see the body and the energy field in such a deep powerful way. If you are lucky enough to have found her and receive New Earth Angle Reiki it truly can help you heal on multitude of levels. I have experienced transformative sessions with her that are multifaceted, that gives you the feeling of deep healing while providing energy work within the body that leave you with the effects & feeling of years of therapy. The space she provides is beautiful, safe, and comforting. She truly is the catalyst to my healing journey and remains an ongoing gift to the community."

Martha- Qualicum Beach

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