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TCM Food Therapy


Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy involves a very individualized food plan based on each individual and their specific patterns and constitution which are diagnosed in your treatment. Food is medicine according to TCM and by aligning your diet with what your body is needing, it can be the most powerful solution to healing and feeling your best. Each type of food, depending on its nature, might better or worsen the situation. A substance may be good for one person but not so good for another.   Diet and food therapy can be something your practitioner discusses with you at your appointment.  There are  some common TCM dietary suggestions (listed below) you may wish to follow which can help promote good health. 

  •  Eat at regular hours and never skip breakfast. The stomach meridian is at its peak between 7:00- 9:00. The last meal of the day should be light and taken at least four hours before going to bed. 

  •  Eat protein with every meal. Your digestive system processes proteins more slowly than carbohydrates, and this keeps the blood glucose more even. Some good sources of protein are: eggs, chicken, other meals, fish lentils, beans, soy as well as nuts and seeds. 

  •  Don't eat food directly from the fridge. Allow food to warm up. Eating and drinking cold or raw foods may cool the stomach fire which is needed for healthy digestion. Often people who have too many smoothies or raw foods end up having digestive complaints. Too many raw vegetables are hard on the digestive system. 

If required, Kelly will provide you with individualized dietary  suggestions that suit your lifestyle and needs during your appointment. 

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