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Meet Kelly
Registered Acupuncturist, Clinic Founder


Kelly founded Acupuncture Qualicum Beach with the mission to help individuals in the community feel their best  by offering  acupuncture and health alternatives in a relaxing environment. 

Her treatments  are catered to each individuals needs and combine acupuncture with acupressure massage, cupping, gua sha, red light therapy, auriculotherapy, acutonics,  laser acupuncture, moxibustion  therapy, electro acupuncture, Reiki, diet, yoga and lifestyle advice. 

"I am passionate about helping people find a natural solution to their pain or condition, especially where western medicine has had no resolution. I hope that acupuncture and natural health alternatives can be more accessible to those who need it in the future."

Kelly has spent over 15 years working health and healing.  Prior to completing her Acupuncture program in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College, she  graduated from University where she earned her health sciences degree. She then was a strong advocate for health in the community where she worked offering health and wellness alternatives, hands on healing, educating, leading classes and workshops. She has studied all around the world, natural medicine  practices. In Australia she became a certified in yoga instructor, then found herself teaching yoga and wellness programs.  In Thailand she studied thai massage, reiki and qi gong practices. Currently she is completing her second level in auriculotherapy at Canadian Centre for Auricular Medicine. Kelly is committed to lifelong learning so that she can bring her patients the best knowledge and options for their healing. 

"Acupuncture and alternative healing modalities has supported me through many tribulations in life from stress and burnout, hormonal imbalances, to pre and postnatal support. It has helped me in so many ways and I know it has something to offer everyone." 

In her time off she is found chasing her 2 and 5 year old around, enjoying the outdoors,  volunteering in the community and trying her best to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

Meet Glenda

Thermography Vancouver Island


Glenda has been providing thermography  at the red door unit #12 in Chilham Village for over 13 years now!

Thermal imaging makes the invisible... visible! For decades it  has been used extensively in Europe for people and animals as a test of physiology, used adjunctively with anatomical testing such as x-rays and ultrasounds.


Breast thermography provides a safe risk assessment for women of all ages.  There is no radiation nor compression, so it is comfortable for women with implants and those who have had surgery as well.  For those before the age of recommended mammography, this non-invasive test fills that  gap and gives valuable information about breast health.


Glenda has observed:

 "We have seen an increase in young women in their 20’s and 30’s utilizing thermography in the past few years.  Those whose mothers who have gone through breast cancer especially want to be very diligent in testing and want to be as proactive as they can be.  Discovering a hormonal imbalance through thermal imaging for example, leads young women to address that prevalent issue sooner than later… resulting in both feeling better and a lower risk for developing breast cancer."


Although breast imaging is what thermography is most known for, our Board Certified Clinical Thermographers can analyze and report on the whole body.


  "Full body thermal imaging is a fascinating look at physiology. It can give a literal picture of inflammation and asymetrical areas in the body, chronic pain, referred pain and sports injuries.  It is helpful in diagnosis and treatment monitoring and stroke risk assessment.  Regional Pain Syndrome is one diagnosis well-visualized with thermal imaging. 

Many clients have found the leads and unique information gleaned from thermography to be helpful pieces in the puzzle of their health challenges.


Our cranial/dental/thyroid exams are becoming more common.

The role of the meridians in chinese medicine making connections between oral health and the rest of the body can be game-changing”,  Glenda has witnessed.


An especially rewarding time, she says,  is when people take the information on the thermal imaging report, do some "homework" and then come back to see the positive changes. It is very empowering! 

For Bookings Please contact Glenda 

 Phone: 250-947-5424 

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