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Pacific Flower Essences

Acupuncture combined with locally sourced flower essences from Vancouver Island, can make the perfect combination for health and healing. Flower essences are known to contributes a unique vibration which can assist humans to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Feel free to inquire or request Flower Essences to be part of your treatment.

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What is an Essence?

Essences are a safe, easy to use form of Energy Medicine. The remedies support rebalancing on the wholistic level, to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homeostasis.

How Essences Work

The body has an innate intelligence to self-correct imbalanced or negative states, known as homeostasis in Western medicine. The essences, on a frequency level, facilitate this self-healing body wisdom by recalibrating the body’s energy systems - the Meridians and Chakras.


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